Whitford Bird Garden
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The garden is not the usual experience. Firstly, every visitor is personally escorted around the venue so that the interesting plants, birds, reptiles and fish can be pointed out. The usual time spent is 1 1/2 hours. There is also a 6 minute DVD of unique interest. Group Bookings are very welcome, Tea, Coffee and Juices are avaliabe for $4 per head. Plenty of parking is avaliable for Buses and Cars alike.



Artificial Herons


Surprisingly, Winter months offer the best time to visit the Garden, because our summer months are so often dry and the birds have their best feathers

Our Entry Fee is $20 per person for up to 3 people and $15 for 4 or more. We are open via appointment only, please see the "How to find us" page for contact details

View of Beach
White Heron Sculptures